Angel Cruz Near Me Domination

The Near Me Industry Is Wide Open & Traffic Numbers are Through the Roof
Watch Me Build A Site From Scratch To Ranking… Full Disclosure Of Process…

Tapping into Google Micro Moments that capture high conversion CTR
Capitalize on “Near Me” Websites as The Trends Continue to Grow
Learn how to generate 80% organic mobile traffic within 30 days
Over The Shoulder – New domain setup to Page 1 Rankings
Advanced SEO Hacks to see rankings within 10 days
Build SEO Traffic Assets that can be used for Client SEO, Affiliate, Lead Gen, CPA + More
Rinse and Repeat Blueprint to Scale Your Assets

Near Me Domination Is a 3 Step Formula

Step 1: Research
Research is step 1 of creating your near me domination style website. In this Lesson I will show you how to identify the right keywords and niches with High traffic and upside potential. Watch as I pick the Keyword/Niche I select for the Website Case Study.

Step 2: Implementation
Watch as I get technical with a full blown setup. From domain registration, hosting, onpage SEO and Off Page SEO. I leave no stone unturned and show you exactly how I’m setting these website up for maximum success.

Step 3: Monetize
Learn how to monetize your traffic through google adsense, CPA offers, Lead Gen and Client SEO. These traffic getting assets each contain a diversity aspect to them where they can serve multiple monetization models at once. This is where you turn

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