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Get the only step-by-step Google Ads framework that tells you exactly what to do from setup to ad optimisation.

It’s No Secret Google Ads Changes Fast

“If Every Feature Is Smart, Why Do We Need You?”

Google Is On The Rampage.

A Constant Drive For Ads Automation. Features Change Overnight. A Lack Of Support And Transparency. And A Loss Of Control To You.

God Tier Ads Is Your Shortcut To Results With A Highly Detailed Checklist, SOPs, Scripts, Tips And Cheat Sheets.

Avoid Costly Mistakes And Level-Up Your Google Ads Game.

Get God Tier Ads – Not For Amateurs.

What’s inside your blueprint?
More Than Just A PPC Checklist:

Track Your Progress With The Interactive Checklist (Google Sheet)
330+ Steps And Growing
Level-Up Your Expertise With 40+ SOPs, Cheat Sheets And Scripts
Save Hours With Shortcuts And Tips
Avoid Costly Mistakes With Step-By-Step Campaign Builds
Do Keyword And Conversion Optimisation Like A Pro
Get Repeatable Daily, Weekly And Monthly Routines
Save Days Or Weeks Training New Hires
And More…

Get The Most Comprehensive Google Ads Blueprint On The Planet And Level-Up Your Game.

What’s included?
START HERE – Your Checklist!

✅ Download This File – Your Checklist Instructions Are Inside!

2. Attribution

Attribution – Picking The Right Model.Pdf
Attribution Model – Cheat Sheet.Pdf
3. Planning

Negative Keyword List Categories – Google Sheet
Bidding Strategy Foundation.Pdf
How To Approach Budget & KPI.Pdf
Google Ad Predictions.Xls
4. Building

Keyword Match Type – Methodology.Pdf
Bidding Strategy – Cheat Sheet.Pdf
5. Optimisation

Avoid Under & Over Optimisation.Pdf
Search Term Report Rules.Pdf
Keyword Decision Matrix.Pdf
Migrate Away From Max Conversions.Pdf
Budget Optimisation – Game Plan.Pdf
Scripts (Additional Scripts Mentioned On The Checklist)

Ad Create Date.Txt
Audience Bid Mapper.Txt
Close Variants Report.Txt
Detect Duplicate Keywords.Txt
Duplicate Query Check.Txt
Search Query Mining In Sheets.Txt
Low QS Alert.Txt
QS Analysis Report.Txt
Keywords To Negative List.Txt
Search Partner Performance.Txt
The most comprehensive PPC checklist ever.
God Tier Isn’t About Guesswork.

It’s Distilled Down From 10+ Years Experience And Over $60M In Real-World Ad Spend. ????

You Get The Step-By-Step On How To Properly Setup, Continuously Optimise And Scale Your Ad Campaigns.

Account + campaign build checklists
Alpha/Beta, SKAG, Audience Based, Ice Bergs… Does It Even Matter?

Google Likes To Change Things Up. New Features Arrived Out Of Nowhere And Old Tactics Die Hard.

I’ll Share With You The Best – Most Current – Strategies To Build And Grow An Account, Regardless Of Your Ad Spend.

Take over an existing Google Ads account with Confidence
Don’t Guess. Avoid Missteps Or Flip-Flopping Around, Wondering What To Do Next.

New Or Existing Ad Account…

I’ve Made It Easy.

Ever felt unproductive in your Ad account?
What Should I Do Today, This Week, Or Month, To Extract The Most From My Ad Spend?

We’ve All Been There; Let Me Share My Experience With You So You Can Avoid The Optimisation Rut.

Get The Precise Steps And SOPs That Will Maximise Your Time And Minimise Your Wasted Spend.