Flux Academy The $10K Website Process

Master The Art of Designing Websites That Demand High Prices

Does this sound like you?
You can spot an amazing website when you see one, but you have a hard time creating that kind of work on your own.

You don’t feel like you have what it takes to create websites you could confidently charge high prices for.

You cringe every time you face a blank canvas, and can’t break up with templates and comparing yourself to other designers.

You dread client calls because you struggle to justify your rates, communicate your value, and explain why clients should hire you.

You want to master all that goes into creating stunning websites, but there’s just not enough time to go through all the design blogs out there and read the Everest-sized pile of design books on your nightstand.

You feel stuck with micro-managing clients that want you to do exactly as they say, inevitably leading to average designs.

And above all, you want to create awesome work that moves the needle for your clients – and gets you paid accordingly.

The thing is… You have no idea where to start.

“Do I lack the talent to create that kind of great work?”

“Do I need to enroll in design school?”

“How many years of experience do I need before I finally feel like an expert?”


What really goes into designing the kind of website clients happily pay high prices for?

Is it mimicking the cool projects and trends you see on Awwwards?
Is it learning the newest, shiniest design software of the week?
Is it spending four years (and a whole lot of money) attending design school?

I’ve been designing websites for clients for nearly 17 years. And just in the last 3, I’ve made over half a million dollars while at it.

I don’t say this to brag, friend, but to show you what’s possible when you master the 3 things that truly matter when it comes to designing the kind of website that clients happily pay high prices for. — to provide big-bucks-worthy value to clients.

And what are those things? I’m glad you asked…


$10K websites are designed with a strategic process that keeps client goals front and center, and ensures they’ll 10x their investment in working with you.


Beautiful, functional websites don’t happen by accident. There are principles and disciplines you need to master to get there, like UX, graphic design, writing, development, and more.


Communicate and present your work in ways that make the value you provide value crystal clear. Then provide results that match and exceed their expectations.

The $10K Website Process is the exact method I’ve built up from 17 years of experience as a web designer, and applying what works to generate over $200,000 in yearly revenue from web design projects

After this course, you’ll be able to…
Hold strategy sessions with your clients
Strategically design beautiful websites
Tell compelling stories with your designs
Position yourself as a high-value expert
Lead design, content, and development in your projects
Confidently work with $10K clients
Deliver delightful user experiences through your websites
Ditch the template and own your craft with unique layouts and bold visuals

The $10K Website Process course includes 66 videos (over 12 hours of video content!) that SHOW you exactly how I design beautiful, strategic websites for my clients.

This isn’t a compilation of design tips or inspiration websites for you to borrow ideas from. You can find that anywhere.

I’m going deeper and giving you a comprehensive look into the exact process, best practices, and methodologies I use to design $10K (and 20k and 30K) websites in my own business.

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