Frank Kern Advanced Consulting Class

When I started taking notes on the Frank Kern Advanced Consulting course I never thought that I say that it is better in some aspects than Dan Kennedy’s Advanced Coaching and Consulting course.

I say, in “some aspects” because the fundamentals of the mindset behind being a world class consultant that Dan teaches in his course are unparalleled.

But what Frank Kern does in hiscourse for breaking down precisely how to market and then pitch a consulting relationship are unmatched. Even by Dan’s course.

Frank has consulted with Dan so I imagine some of what he does is based on what Dan does but Dan didn’t unpack the marketing of, and more specifically the pitching of consulting services the way Frank did in this course.

As I said in the salesletter I wrote for the notes I took on this course…

“What I want to give you today is arguably the smoothest system for landing ultra-desirable consulting clients that you will ever come across.

Here’s an overview of how he broke down the content of his course . . .

Week One of this has to do with overview of how to get out of your own way and addresses the bullshit beliefs you have swirling around in your head about why you can’t get clients, how to structure your time, how to price your offerings, and all the building blocks for having a productive consulting business.

Week Two has to do with figuring what market would be best for you to target.

Week Three has to do with you figuring out how to generate leads for your business.

Week Four covers how to convert the leads you generate into paying clients.

Week Five goes into detail about what you need to do in order to get awesome results for these clients so that they’re excited about giving you more money.

Week Six unpacks other sources of income that can be generated in your consulting business.

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