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If You Learn To Write, You Can Change Your Life.

Join +1,338 students in Learn to Write, an online course that teaches you how to write content that reaches more people than businesses with an army of marketers.

11.3 million.

That’s the number of views the “content” we created for our clients got over the last nine months.

People want me to talk about growth hacks or loopholes we found with Facebook ads. But our formula comes down to one thing we believe does a healthier job of capturing what we do: storytelling.

The words you put out in the wild have the power to move the masses. Getting people to read your blog post, homepage copy, or newsletter gives you a few priceless minutes to make an in-depth, intellectual connection with anyone, anywhere in the world.

Growth begins with words. Stories, they move people.
And moving people is magical for building your thing on your own terms, without worrying about competition.

The reason is simple:

People don’t desire products. They desire feelings that products give them.

And storytelling is an incredible tool that acknowledges such distinction, a tool so few people are capable of using or understand the true potential of.

Writing is the most radical thing you can do without spending any money.
I first realized the power of storytelling back in 2014. From my little desk in my little room from the middle of nowhere, I was publishing stories that generated more traffic than by those companies with an army of writers.

It was true. Writing was the most radical thing you could do without spending any money. My stories were traveling the world while I slept, searching for opportunities on my behalf.

[INTRODUCTION] If you learn to write, you can change your life.
L01 – Why (and how) this course will change your life
L02 – The fundamentals of ruling the marketplace from your couch
L03 – No growth hacking bullshit or spending a fortune on ads: Writing as a timeless growth engine
L04 – How predictable and consistent (not random and clickbaity) virality is possible
L05 – Introducing the “Learn to Write” framework — and how to start applying it to your case throughout this course

[PART 1] Subdue the enemy without fighting: the art of winning before typing a single word
L01 – How to create your own lane without battling it out in an overly crowded space
L02 – Opinions aren’t optional in writing (and how to discover yours)
L03 – Core narrative: let’s craft the idea behind your otherwise boring thing
L04 – Your sub-themes and micro-opinions — what are they and how do they serve your overarching narrative?
L05 – You don’t own your audience, subscribers, or followers. You own something else.
L06 – They can never copy the YOU in your writing. But how can you be yourself?
L07 – The goal is not to reach people who need what you write.

[PART 2] Breaking down the strategy behind stories that reach thousands
L01 – Storytelling 101: How to find your own story
L02 – Why Hollywood movies can have an ending but your story shouldn’t
L03 – Sit-and-type-common-sense articles vs compelling storytelling
L04 – They are popular and speak from a position of privilege: why most of the writing advice on the internet doesn’t work
L05 – Time to establish your writing routine: the essentials
L06 – Tone & the style guide
L07 – How often should you publish?
L08 – What is the ideal length?
L09 – Where should you publish?
L10 – How do you find a constant stream of ideas that spread?
L11 – One emotion that will make or break your writing

[PART 3] Let’s write a story together and publish it | Creation & distribution
L01 – Before we start: defining the goal and polishing your core idea
L02 – Let’s write together #1: how to research the right way
L03 – Let’s write together #2: how to craft the perfect outline
L04 – Let’s write together #3: how to write the headlines
L05 – Let’s write together #4: the truth about the intros
L06 – Let’s write together #5: the art of crafting body & conclusions
L07 – Let’s edit together
L08 – Let’s publish it: a distribution strategy that actually works
L09 – There is no word of mouth without this
L10 – How to win the distribution game even if you aren’t a first-comer
L11 – The healthy way to nurture relationships (and how to use them to grow your readership)

L01 – An action plan to follow once you complete this course
L02 – A comprehensive list of writing resources

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