Liam James Kay Google Ads Bootcamp

Here’s Sneak Peak At What’s Inside This Exclusive Training

Lesson 1: Google Ads Intro A Why They’re So Effective!
Lesson 2: The Secret To Success With Google A How To Manipulate The Auction
Lesson 3: Google Ads And Affiliate Marketing
Lesson 4: Direct Linking (Easiest Way To Quick Profit)
Lesson 5: Non-Direct Link (Advanced But Super Effective)
Lesson 6: The Structure of A Successful Google Ads Account
Lesson 7: Keyword Research (Planning For Success)
Lesson 8: Keyword Match Types
Lesson 9: Using Negative Kepxords To Save You Money
Lesson 10: Over The Shoulder Full Campaign Walkthrough
Lesson 11: Google Ads Retargeting

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