Matt Giovanisci Affiliate Marketing For Bloggers

The Affiliate Marketing Video Course Introduction
Affiliate Marketing Fundamentals
My Affiliate Marketing Philosophies
The Technical Ins and Outs of Affiliate Marketing
What You Can Realistically Earn With Affiliate Marketing
The Rules of Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Disclosures: Dos, Don’ts, and Best Practices
Common Affiliate Marketing Mistakes To Avoid
Building an Affiliate Marketing Website
An Introduction To Crafting The Perfect Affiliate Website
Brainstorming An Affiliate Friendly Niche
Narrowing Down Your Niche
Picking A Good Domain Name
Setting Up Your Site Right
Install These WordPress Plugins
Create Content That’s Searchable and Converts
How to Pick The Right Affiliate Products, Programs, and Networks
Growing Your Affiliate Marketing Website
How To Supercharge An Existing Affiliate Site
Tracking Your Affiliate Links and Affiliate Income
More Ways to Promote Your Affiliate Links
How to Grow and Scale Your Affiliate Marketing Efforts
Building an Online Course in 30 Days
Day 0: Developing The Course Production Plan
Day 1: Creating a Rough Course Outline
Day 2: Refining The Course Online
Day 3: Creating a Pre-Launch Page
Day 4: Writing The First Lesson Scripts
Day 5: Writing More Scripts
Day 8: Non-Linear Script Writing?
Day 11: Begin Filming Course Lesson Videos
Day 13: Animated Course Intro and Theme Music
Day 14: Filming, Editing, and Uploading Lesson Videos
Day 16: Finishing The Course Videos
Day 21: Write The Sales Copy in Google Docs
Day 23: My Sales Page Copy is Complete
Day 25: Designing The Sales Page with Podia in 20 Minutes
Day 28: Promoting The Course
Bonus Content
Recommended Tools for Affiliate Marketing
Additional Affiliate Marketing Resources and Who To Trust
Lasso Affiliate Marketing WordPress Plugin Walkthrough
Building A Profitable Affiliate Niche Site From Scratch with
The Best Affiliate Marketing Practices on a Podcast with Travis Sherry
20% OFF Carbonate WordPress Theme
Templates and Spreadsheets
Affiliate Programs and Networks List
Google Data Studio Template For Affiliate Marketing Tracking
Become an Affiliate
How to Join The Affiliate Program
How to Get Your Affiliate Links