Mridu Khullar Relph Higher-Paying Freelance Clients


Higher-paying Freelance Clients

Let’s get straight to business. This is the program for you if you…

Are not making the money you want
Don’t know how to bring in additional clients
Are stuck in resistance with your marketing
Say you’ll market regularly but don’t follow through
Or don’t even really know what you’re supposed to do.
Here’s the thing: Marketing and finding high-paying clients is NOT difficult. In fact, if you can learn the simple sales strategies to use in your marketing, you make yourself irresistible to clients. It’s a one-time effort to put together your sales materials, and then it’s simply a matter of sending them out, regularly, to the people you want to work with.

It’s about putting your name in front of the dream clients you want to hire you.

Because the thing is, it’s completely possible to live the freelancing life that you want, to enjoy not only getting the assignments and enjoy the work, but to have fun while you’re working on getting it.

Mridu Khullar Relph – Higher-Paying Freelance Clients

What We Will Cover Inside Higher-Paying Freelance Clients

Market effectively
We’re going to talk about an attitude adjustment. We’re going to focus on how to make your marketing interesting, fun, and most importantly, something that rises out of your unique skill sets and your unique strengths.

Land regular clients
You’re going to receive 53 video lessons (15 minutes on average per lesson) that will each cover for you one way in which to land higher-paying clients. I’ll talk about the strategy itself, how to best use it to your advantage, and give you examples, samples, and cheat sheets of how to apply it immediately.

Make more money
We’re going to talk about consistency. Marketing is a game of numbers, and there’s a formula to winning it. You will learn how to use the numbers to your advantage and how to increase your income as you gradually decrease your effort.

We’ll Be Looking At:
how to create time for marketing in your week
To do it easily, efficiently, and with the best results
To weed out the low-paying clients and focus on higher-paying ones
the daily habits you need in order to grow your client base consistently
finding editors and clients who are the right fit for you and your goals
doing more of the writing that you love and enjoy
getting assignments and receiving money weekly
getting it all done by utilizing your natural skills and talents
letting it be FUN!
Because isn’t it time you stopped making it so damn difficult?

If you’re ready to grow your freelancing career, take the fear and resistance out of marketing, and start working with people you respect, this course is for you.


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