Attn: Stressed-Out Micro Agencies & Creative Professionals!

Get out of the Grind of the Unprofitable Default Model & Scale Your Freedom

Are you sending multiple email reminders to clients for payments that you can see they opened but then they don’t respond to! WTF?!
Sending multiple email reminders to clients for payments that you can see they opened but the payment takes forever and sometimes fails to ever come
Meetings, meet-ups, free strategy sessions, coffee dates and all “pick-your-brain” conversations with any and all potential prospects, clients and contacts anytime anywhere.
You creatively meet every request of the client, but the end product is unexciting, and you can’t tell them that THEY are the reason it isn’t good. Arg, there has to better way!!
And your growth strategy resembles the Default Model’s More, More, More philosophy

The 4 Step Badass Your Business Method to Scale Freedom with Profit

Find Your Badass Opportunity

Finding your niche and focus that you crush it at, that you can confidently sell, that you can OWN, that people come to you for and you get referred for. Having a clear focus is the way to become (micro) FAMOUS for what you do!

Stop Wasting Time & Get Paid To Pitch

Stop wasting time on free proposals that rarely close & instead treat your time like it’s valuable… and others will value it too! This level teaches you how to create a lead product, which is a flat-rate service you sell as the initial part of the process of working with you that replaces the free proposal. Creating a lead product is a GAME CHANGER for any business owner who is sick of spending lots of time pitching clients, many of whom disappear.

Eliminate The Income Ceiling

This step shows you how to stop charging hourly and start charging based on value, completely eliminating your income ceiling because your price is no longer determined by how many hours you work. When you productize your services you have set offerings at set prices, and you are actually able to continually raise your prices while decreasing the time you spend delivering. This shows clients that you’ve done this before and you are then hired as an expert, paid for your results, and not your time.

Become Offline Viral

When you communicate your worth in a noticeable, memorable, shareable way, they can’t help it, EVERYONE will start talking about YOU. Once you know your opportunity to focus, have a drool-worthy lead product and productized services that make it EASY to hire you, you need to shout it from the mountaintops. From the copy on your website, to a Badass networking and elevator pitch that turns everyone you speak with into raving fans who become your unofficial marketing department!

Find your Badass opportunity that only YOU have to offer for the most profit to achieve freedom in your life.
How to never do free work again and instead get paid to pitch your service.
How to poductize your services to eliminate your income ceiling and sell based on value instead of price
How to get all prospects to highly value your time
How to never waste time with unqualified prospects, or fruitless coffee meetups, again.
The KEY to being able to continually raise your prices.
How to streamline and strengthen your process and offerings to save time, money and headache.
How to eliminate scope creep, and stop projects from ever going off the rails again and have happier clients in the process.
How to get hired to do what you do BEST (instead of what clients think they need)
Every project is a case study you can be proud of.
How to communicate your Badass Message with clarity and confidence.
How to infuse your tag line, website copy, and networking pitch with your unique value.
How to write website copy that people will actually read.
How to craft your own drool-worthy message that is highly noticeable, memorable and shareable.
How to have prospecs knocking down your door instead of making them work hard to figure out if they should hire you.

It’s Time To Show Your Business Who’s Boss.
Stop working for the slave-driving boss that is your current business. Take the reins and make your business WORK FOR YOU from now on.

The Badass Your Business Bootcamp that will teach you how to implement a proven strategy to create more freedom and profit in your creative business.

EVEN IF you don’t have an email list of contacts
EVEN IF you think don’t have time to work on your business
EVEN IF if you don’t believe you could ever charge more and more for less and less work
EVEN IF you think you’re in a over-saturated, highly competitive market

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