Ted McGrath Marketing Masters Map

I Created the Marketing Masters Map to Walk You through My Very Own Sales Funnel that Has Helped to Build My Multi-Million Dollar Company Quickly and Efficiently.

I’m going to show you:
How to design a high-converting opt-in page
My 7 Step Framework for Creating Awesome Videos (easily)
How to Create a Simple Product that Sells.
You don’t have to spend weeks working through this either – you can actually get a working funnel up and running within a week.

So many people get bogged down in the idea that they have to create a complicated product or people won’t buy, but the reality is – simple works best in your starting sales funnel.

I have the numbers to back it. My company grows by thousands of new customers every year just from my first simple sales funnel alone.

I’m going to ask you to put blinders on for a moment and focus on one simple funnel.

Model it for your own.
Let me walk you through your sales page, video creation, and product development in a fraction of the time I’m sure you’ve already spent trying to figure this all out on your own.

I’ve spent a lot of time designing this Marketing Masters Map so it would be easy for people brand new to online marketing or brand new to sales funnels.

Let me ask you something:

How will you ever find freedom in your business if you don’t automate it?

How will you ever sleep soundly knowing that new emails, new potential clients, and sales are coming in every day, every hour whether you are at work or not?

You won’t.
Not until you set a system in place that makes sure you are building leads and growing revenue every single moment.

It doesn’t have to be hard if you follow and model a sales funnel that is already working.

My simple sales funnel is still running today, still collecting leads, still driving sales.

With the Marketing Masters Map – you can create the same thing.

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