Trena Little Video Strategy Academy

Video Strategy Academy Curriculum

How This Program Works (5:27)
How To Get Your Money’s Worth! (9:18)
Your 90 Day Breakdown
30 Days to YouTube

The Foundation
Niching to GROW (8:36)
Get YouTube To LOVE You (7:22)
Know Your Value and Know Your Viewer (8:45)
Types Of Videos Every Channel Must Have (3:37)

The Strategy
Under Standing YouTube Traffic Sources (3:15)
Implementing a YouTube Growth Strategy (7:08)
Implementing A Business Growth Strategy on YouTube (7:04)
Using YouTube During Your Launch (6:48)
How To LAUNCH Your YouTube Channel (3:58)

The Experience
Setting Up Your Channel For Success (0:51)
Making Your Channel Look Professional (7:29)
Customize Your Channel Homepage (10:25)
Creating Your Channel Trailer (3:04)
About Section And Banner Links (2:49)
Channel Settings (1:24)
Description Box Defaults (5:09)
Channel Defaults Setup (8:48)
Claim Custom URL (1:52)

The Tactics
Getting Started With Your Tactics (2:17)
How Long And How Much (6:11)
Research for Video Ideas (31:04)
Researching Your Content Plan (34:34)
Creating Your Content Plan (3:28)

The Video
How To Script Your Videos (9:16)
Equipment Run Through (13:03)
Setting Up Your Equipment (7:37)
My Video Batch Day (4:47)
Delivering Your Content On Camera (3:26)
Getting Thumbnail Photos (2:45)
Finding YOUR Confidence To Show Up On Video (6:18)

The Editing Process
Editing Software Options (5:48)
Ways To Make More Engaging Videos (4:31)
Editing In Camtasia (5:34)
Make Your Own End Card (3:10)
Extra’s For Your Videos (6:52)
Finding Music For Your Videos (5:17)
Editing in iMovie (22:48)
How I Edit In Final Cut Pro (32:58)

The Optimization Strategy
Optimization Routine (11:30)
How To Make Thumbnails (18:13)
Anding End Screens And Cards (4:55)
Adding Captions To Videos (6:58)

The Promotion Strategy
Start Promoting Your Video! (3:29)
Schedule Your YouTube Videos (3:44)
Embed Your Video in a Squarespace Blog Post (2:29)
Embed Your Videos in a ConvertKit Newsletter (3:58)

Analyzing The Strategy
Time To Understand Your YouTube Data (3:10)
Studio Overview (8:15)
Analytic Overview (23:07)
Top 3 Analytics (10:29)
Metrics To Reach Your Goals (5:24)
Monthly Channel Audit (23:01)
Your KPI Dashboard

Next Steps
Take Your Channel To The Next Level With Playlists (3:06)
How To Create Playlists (5:40)
Collaborating with Others On YouTube (6:30)

What Videos Work Best For The Feed (3:27)
What Videos Work Best For Stories (5:04)
What Videos Work Best For IG TV (6:22)
How To Edit Videos For The Feed (10:13)
How To Edit Videos For Stories (14:07)
Apps To Make Your Stories Even Better (11:44)
How To Edit Videos For IG TV (4:35)
How To Upload IG TV Episodes (2:16)
How To Create A Cover Photo For IG TV Episodes (3:13)
Instagram Video Templates (2:05)

Facebook Video Best Practices (15:46)
How To Edit Videos For Facebook (13:46)
How To Upload And Schedule Videos To Facebook (4:48)
Facebook Video Templates (2:35)

Pinterest Video Best Practices (2:36)
How To Create A Graphic Video For Pinterest (3:26)
How To Make A Video Pin On Pinterest (9:45)
How To Upload A Video Pin To Pinterest (3:57)
Pinterest Templates (2:05)

VIDEO MULTIPLIER FORMULA – Using Video On Other Platforms
Twitter Video How Tos (3:22)
LinkedIn Video How Tos (48:35)
How To Share Your Videos In Email Newsletters Or Email Funnels (3:29)
Creating GIFS From Your Videos (5:18)

BONUS – Setting Up An Editorial Calendar And Batching Your Videos
Why You Need An Editorial Calendar (7:41)
How To Set Up Your Editorial Calendar In Google Calendar (7:47)
How You Can Start Batching – Everything You Need To Do In One Day (10:45)
Organizing Your Content In Google Drive (2:31)
Batch Day Checklist For Each Video

Tools I Love!
WorkSheets + Printables

BONUS: YouTube Workflow Blueprint
Setting Up Your YouTube Workflow (10:13)
How To Use Your YouTube Workflow in Asana
How To Upload My Asana Workflow (4:03)
Use TRELLO too! (1:14)
Trello Basics (3:19)
Adding people to your board (1:03)
Difference between comments and description (2:03)
Adding attachments (1:05)
Color coding (2:22)
Delete a card (0:37)
Adding due dates (1:36)
Change the board background (0:47)

BONUS: Launch A Digital Product training
Launch A Digital Product training (36:14)

BONUS: Guest Expert Vault
Jessica Rasdall – How to Add Speaking to Your Business (56:55)
Tyler McCall Instagram Q&A (48:01)
Vanessa Kynes – Getting Started with Pinterest (54:46)
Alecia Walker – How to Turn YouTube Subscribers Into Customer with Your Welcome Sequence (35:36)
Andrew from TubeBuddy – Learn to Get Started with TubeBuddy (60:11)
Cassandra Thompson – Using LinkedIn to Boost Your Biz! (48:35)
Haley Burkhead – Profit and Profitability (70:47)
Steph Crowder- How to Plan Your Best Week Every Week! (49:24)
Jess Paxon – Learn Your Brand Voice And Brand Messaging (44:29)
Annie McCarty- Getting an Efficient Workflow Set Up in Your Business (48:49)
Chris Emmer – Using Instagram Strategically (68:33)
Claire Pelletreau: Facebook and Instagram Ads: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started (& Not Waste Tons of Money) (57:30)
Illiah Vilet – Creating Thumbnail Templates and Branding Graphics for Your Business! (43:34)
Janelle Henningson – Edit Better Photos for Your Thumbnails AND Use Presets to Make it Easier! (51:30)

BONUS: YouTube Branding Templates
Create Your YouTube Thumbnail Templates (6:26)
Create Your YouTube Channel Banner Templates (4:51)
Create Your YouTube End Screen Templates (3:10)

Group Calls
February 2020 Group Coaching (41:00)
April 2020 Group Coaching (62:52)
April 2020 Hot Seat (63:32)
May 2020 Group Coaching (63:51)
May 2020 Hot Seat (60:37)
May 2020 Mini Workshop (54:02)
June 2020 Group Coaching (36:05)
June 2020 Group Coaching (59:40)
July 2020 Coaching (56:24)